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Training Courses

Training Courses

Thank you for your enquiry about training as a Trigger Point Pilates Instructor.

All Courses are now ONLINE. Please Scroll Down to see the Training Dates and Times.

Courses / Workshops / Master Classes are listed in date order. I hope that there is something there to help you and your business. The training enables you to teach this fantastic proven releasing and realigning bodywork system as a Trigger Point Pilates® Teacher.

General Information on Courses

TPP Lunchtime Workshop Mat Class Structure

For the new mum coming back to class.

October 1st – 13:00 – 14:30


(Bundle: 4 workshops for 3 in the new series catch up if you missed one £120)

Trigger Point Pilates™ Workshop – Series 3. The Class focus for your new mum coming back to class after her initial check postpartum and around 8 to 12 weeks post-birth. How to teach her in a general mat class with all adaptations for her recovering body. The series is a great refresher workshop to boost your TPP teaching skills.

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Catch up on this Workshop 1
A TPP Mat Recap: The Class Structure for the Spine Care Client

September 17th 13:00 to
November 11th 13:00


A catch-up for 2 months — The new Trigger Point Pilates™ Lunchtime workshop series — A Recap Class focusing on your Spine client who has chronic pain yet comes to a general class. Plus – why we work through the body in the TPP method to enhance their movement, and to align and strengthen those with chronic myofascial pain; addressing many back-pain conditions with centralisation of the sciatica.</5>

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Trigger Point™ instructor training intensive on-line

October 4th, 6th & 8th 2021



(early bird price £130 until Sept 29th)

A Pilates based Myofascia Trigger Point body work system. Train to become a TPP instructor teach the only proven fascia restorative class around. TPP enhances movement, aligns, strengthens and lengthens limbs. Helping all, including clients with chronic myofascial pain post rehab to releasing the body from inside to out. Pilates Instructor training intensive Online.

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Weekly Online Workshops

Join my online TPP Classes for Fascia Fitness

Thursday / Saturday 09:30

Sunday / Tuesday 18:30

From £10 – (see Booking Form)

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