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Thank you for your enquiry about training as a Trigger Point Pilates Instructor.

All Courses are now ONLINE. Please Scroll Down to see the Training Dates and Times.

Courses / Workshops / Master Classes are listed in date order. I hope that there is something there to help you and your business. The training enables you to teach this fantastic proven releasing and realigning bodywork system as a Trigger Point Pilates® Teacher.

General Information on Courses

VIRTUAL TPP Desk Workout Training –  Workshop 1

Virtual Pilates Instructor workshop rate: £50
Virtual Training plus a 1-2-1 with Lydia Campbell: £75

Discover on-line virtual training for Trigger Point Pilates Desk Workout 1. (These exercises are also suitable for a client who cannot exercise on the floor.)
Watching the practical lecture session and all the video exercise sequences (you can then book a one-to-one 30-minute session with Lydia before September 30th at an extra cost to have a teaching practice and assessment).

The Trigger Point Pilates Desk is designed to fascially ease the Backs and Necks. Discover how to create an online Desk Break for 10-minute sessions.
To enable you to teach a week of sequences that you can teach to your desk clients, live via Zoom and film.
Take your time, virtually, to learn in the private Facebook Group and to recap.

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VIRTUAL Instructor Training — TPP Desk Sequel 3.
The 10 minute fascia workout.



Reach the office client with TPP Desk Workout 3 for Fascia health. Ten minutes backs, necks, legs, hips to ease pain, enhance function through the day, lower client cortisol. Discover new TPP Desk sequences to teach your clients for whole body fascia work. Includes desk fascial fascia techniques you can teach in a 10-minute programme.
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Trigger Point Pilates Mat Work Instructor Training in 3hrs/day Blocks!

17th, 24th, 31st October 2020
12:00 – 15:00
£160 (Early bird price £130)

Trigger Point Pilates™ is a Pilates based Myofascia Trigger Point bodywork system. Train to become a TPP instructor teach the only proven fascia restorative class around. TPP enhances movement, aligns, strengthens and lengthens limbs. Helping all, including clients with chronic myofascial pain post rehab to releasing the body from inside to out.

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Join my online TPP Mat Work Instructor Training

22nd, 25th, 28th October 2020
12:30 – 15:30
£160 (Early bird price £130)

Why Trigger Point Pilates™?  Discover how to apply Myofascia Trigger Point principals in a mat work class. Train to be a TPP instructor and teach the only fascia restorative class around. Enhancing movement, aligns, strengthens and lengthens limbs. Helping with chronic myofascial pain and post rehab TPP as it releases the body from inside to out.

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Weekly Online Workshops

Join my online TPP Classes for Fascia Fitness

Thursday / Saturday 09:30

Sunday / Tuesday 18:30

From £10 – (see Booking Form)

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For your interest feedback from courses…

“I have not been this excited since I trained with Paul Chek! Amazing course and for first time in 15 years my back has freed up, I cannot believe what you’ve done just with your exercises.” – MF

“I came to you so tired and in chronic pain, my body screaming. I cannot believe how, as the day progressed, my body changed in a matter of hours. I am hooked!
Trigger Point Pilates really works, it’s amazing. I am starting classes straight away” – RS

“Excellent lots of content and ideas” – LH

“Would love more TPP for Rehab and Pregnancy, MY CLASSES LOVED IT” – DL

“Excellent workshop very informative and an eye-opener. I’ve learned more than expected, with a lovely mix of people” – CM

“Can we do it again there is so much to feel and take in” – ILD

“I feel I am floating after hours of exercise is this normal” – TD

“You are a mind full of knowledge is there anything you don’t know. I love you share so much, learned so much” – EC

“I wish you taught me the basic Pilates matwork I haven’t been taught well, I want to start all over again as what I’ve learnt today is amazing, thank you” – LH

“I can’t wait to teach and I’ve never had such an informative manual, I paid for other training and its awful what they give, I am going to enjoy reading this” – MB

“I came to the course with two hip replacements, I live with constant pain thank you so much I actually can walk with ease again and it’s amazing” – HC

“You changed my life and body, I came to you in pain and dubious and in just a few hours I am moving without pain, I can’t believe it and I cannot wait to start classes” – SB

“I’ve finally got my TPP classes going and they are all booked out, so excited the results are great, and they want more just can’t find space for another class at the moment!” – AD

“I’ve taken so many Yoga and Pilates trainings, never experienced anything like this …its such a Powerful Class, I can’t believe how my body feels, thank you, – you have released me” – PA

“I started teaching straight away and my class loved it … now officially a TPP Class – thank you for opening my eyes — JC

“I’ve followed your work for years and I’m so happy to have trained in TPP. I’ve taken every module of yours and my classes are packed. Your knowledge is amazing the combination of your Let’s Vibrate training with TPP is my latest TPP class and the men love this.” — LH

“I would love more…Fascia fitness for Yoga and Pregnancy” – VJ

“I started teaching straight away and my class loved it. It’s now officially a TPP Class, thank you for opening my eyes” – JC

“Loved it, really interesting. Can’t wait to teach, can you come and do a master class at my venue?”

“Definitely want to do more courses or repeat this one, so much to learn from you…thank you” – K

“I came to the course with chronic pins and needles in my arm seen everyone from physio to osteopath now it’s gone! TPP works!”

“I know you said the class will want their own balls, I’ve sold over 300 sets in 6 months, thank you the class is fab and introducing me to the world of myofascial” – HP

“Loved it and will love teaching my classes” – JP

“The course was excellent, and the structure of the contents was brilliant…I will defo do more courses with you” – AC

“OMG Lydia, I taught my first Trigger Point Class today, it was amazing…Thank you sooo much, the course was Fab” – JR

“So useful so glad I came. Thank you for doing it, I will practice the release and also the breathing.” – AP

“Excellent – loved it great manual – rare these days” – VH

“Loved it and will love teaching my classes” – JP