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Training Courses

Training Courses

Thank you for your enquiry about training as a Trigger Point Pilates Instructor.

All Courses are now ONLINE. Please Scroll Down to see the Training Dates and Times.

Courses / Workshops / Master Classes are listed in date order. I hope that there is something there to help you and your business. The training enables you to teach this fantastic proven releasing and realigning bodywork system as a Trigger Point Pilates® Teacher.

General Information on Courses

Join my online TPP Mat Work
Instructor Training

April 20th/ 21st / 22nd


(early bird price £130 before April 8th)

(Bundle price option £230 with TPP Evolve)

Why Trigger Point Pilates™? Discover how to apply Myofascia Trigger Point principles in a mat work class. Train to be a TPP instructor and teach the only fascia restorative class around. Enhancing movement, aligns, strengthens and lengthens limbs. Helping with chronic myofascial pain and post-rehab TPP as it releases the body from inside to out.

Refer to the Booking Form.

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TPP Baby & Me, the Pregnant Client – the Fascia way for her exercise care!

May 5th / 6th / 10th


(early bird price £130 until May 3rd)

Trigger Point Pilates™ is great for your pregnant client yet you do need to understand how the fascia is responding in pregnancy and how to help your client adapt in your Pilates class. The TPP method will enhance movement, help with alignment issue, strengthen and help the pregnant client with myofascial pain to tightness.

Refer to the Booking Form.

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Weekly Online Workshops

Join my online TPP Classes for Fascia Fitness

Thursday / Saturday 09:30

Sunday / Tuesday 18:30

From £10 – (see Booking Form)

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