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General Information

Trigger Point Pilates Level One Matwork Class

Trigger Point Pilates Level One Matwork Class

For Pilates Background Instructors / PTs /Core Instructors / Sports Therapists / Physiotherapists.

  • Manuals given on training day.
  • Pre-arrival Paper to read and answer then bring to the course.
  • Visual, Verbal and Written assessment.

Before coming to the course pre-reading and recap on muscles and applied anatomy is advisable. I recommend you read a book. If you have a therapy background I recommend, Ruth Duncan’s book Myofascial Release.  Yes, it is for clinical therapists but it will give you a great insight into the world of Myofascia and may inspire you to start to train as a clinical therapist.

To understand the world of fascia more, read Anatomy Trains by Thomas Myers. It can blow your mind, if you’re not a great reader don’t panic. If anatomy is your weakness then go online and revise muscles and bones! Read a children’s educational anatomy book.

There is a pre-arrival paper about fascia to complete before the day and bring to registration, answers are in the text. This is just to give you an insight to fascia.

On the Day: Bring a pen & notebook. Wear warm loose clothing and workout kit. You will exercise barefoot. Drink water throughout the day otherwise you will tire as fascia needs hydration.

Trigger Point Pilates Matwork Level One Workshop Timetable

Welcome followed by a Releasing Trigger Point Pilates™ Class with all equipment.
Analysing Exercises, working in pairs teaching each other assessing/observing the moves, feeling to visual.
You will learn about why we teach the class as a training system first as there is a definite order of the exercises for release for the spine that is safe and effective for all levels of fitness.
Understanding how Fascia can attribute to Posture and alignment problems. Discover movement to help enhance posture.
Understanding how to Release the body by Self Myofascial techniques (SMR) using equipment.
Understanding the Effect of Breathing on fascia and movement.
Understanding Contra-indications: How to adapt an exercise for a class member.
Instructor Guidelines/Teaching Tips.
There is Continual Teaching practice through the day and assessment.
Final Teaching practice at end of the day.

Assessments are visual, verbal and written. Please note the written assessment can be done after training day if one needs more time on theory.

On successful completion and assessment of Level One you are awarded the Certificate of Completion and the training allows you to start up a Trigger Point Pilates™ class, as long as you are insured to teach.

You will be able to be part of the TPP™ Register on the web page class finder

Join the Private Facebook Group for exercise updates to down loads and questions.

To be added you need to Friend #LydiaCampbell then request to Right page ! Trigger Point Pilates Instructors.

*Please note there is no Monthly license fee involved but a Yearly minimal fee of £40.

TPP Instructors will get discounts on further training /masterclasses and special offers on equipment, clothing & books.

Once a year you need to attend further TPP™ Fascia for Fitness Workshops to enhance your teaching and knowledge and renew your licence.

You are entering a different world to fitness and may feel inspired to train as a Myofascial therapist to work in sports and physiotherapy clinics. This you can do if you have the basic entry of a body worker i.e. sports therapist, physiotherapy, chiropractor, or osteopath.