Why TPP?

The Story of Trigger Point Pilates?

Why TPP?

Trigger Point Pilates is an exercise system that has been created from years of clinic work and Pilates teaching experience by Lydia Campbell. A Fitness Industry expert of over 40 years, and an Integrated Myofascial, Pilates and Sports Therapist.

Why TPP?

Lydia Campbell originally a dancer then she entered the world of fitness in the 80s managing health club studios for 14 years. During this time she created many exercise programmes including the Video and book Legs, Tums ‘n’ Bums in the 90s. She produced a series of educational and consumer videos including a Pilates series. Her work was featured by Sky TV for a year as a morning exercise slot. Her London fitness Pilates studio voted twice as top London studio by Timeout, recipient of many fitness awards and honoured with Industry Life Time Achievement Award for her work developing the industry from IFS and World Educational Presenter of Excellence by Virgin Active. She was Sunday Mirror Fitness Expert and created the first ever fitness en mass events for 7 years attracting over 45,00 to her Fit ‘n’ Fun events. Not just in the front line of fitness she has been part of the Exercise committee to standardise fitness with her specialist area Pilates and Aqua. She has spent her life teaching and educating in the fitness industry as director of FitCamps conventions. She brought Pilates into fitness in the early 90s with colleague Michael King the Pilates guru.

Now she is filling the gap from the world of Myofascia to fitness due to her own rehab journey. She was already integrated Sports and Pilates functional therapist and creating rehab programmes from the pool to the studio. Then her life changed all the fitness had ruined her knees. Silently a chronic disease within was developing then it exploded as osteoarthritis appeared after years of intense exercise and professional dance, years of fitness had worn out her knees! She has had to have her legs rebuilt undergoing six knee reconstruction operations in three years and during this time she had to learn to walk again.

2003 Trigger Points Pilates was designed from her own personal rehab journey starting in her hospital bed in 2003. She used all her Pilates and trigger point knowledge on the hospital bed post-operative, using balls and band to ease and lengthen her body.

She had to have her legs rebuilt undergoing six knee reconstruction operations in three years and during this time she had to learn to walk again. Lydia is one of the few who knows what it is like to be disabled and lives with chronic pain. Each operation entailed five months on crutches; she could not drive. House bound she combined her Pilates and myofascia knowledge for her own rehab in 2003.

Chronic pain ruled she wanted something else something that would help change the body structure and release pain. Lydia discovered the world of Myofascia and trained as a Myofascial therapist with Ruth Duncan of Myofascia Release UK.

Soon long-term results with her clients were dramatic. She had always prescribed exercises from Hydro to Pilates for her clients. Her own Pilates classes had changed dramatically and she saw the need to help the person to be able to release their bodies from inside to out then progress to classical Pilates, yoga etc. Trigger Point Pilates was born.

2015 Lydia finally released the teacher training after 12 years of teaching her only TPP classes, presenting sessions and clinic clients work.

A Trigger Point Pilates™ class combines Pilates’ core moves with Trigger Point release and self-Myofascial release principles to help alleviate chronic pain conditions using equipment.

“The equipment is used in certain parts of the body replacing my hands! Just as though you were in a clinic session.” Lydia Campbell Trigger Point Pilates classes are very new in the fitness industry and growing fast; in one year there are now over 500 Instructors.

The class is designed to release tight muscles, enhance functional daily movement, and restructure the body. The programme helps to release the body from inside to out targeting the connective tissue that surrounds every muscle and joint. Enabling one to move with ease, release painful conditions and have a better functional life. This class attracts everyone from the elite fit to the post rehab. Fascia restrictions occur in everyone, whatever their age, activity or level of fitness. Equipment is used to release and realign the body which you can buy from your instructor to exercise at home.

Her classes and clinic are attended by all ages and by many medical specialists, who come to have regular myofascia bodywork release with her.

2017 Lydia had to undergo a total knee replacement. Her surgeon said it was time and there could be no more clean out knee operations. Scar tissue from a total of six knee ops on her right leg was bowing her leg. She finally came to terms with having to face this operation that was suggested 14 years earlier. Yet she enhanced her rehab along with the normal physo therapy, with Trigger Point Pilates and vibration therapy. She was back teaching at 15 weeks and training Instructors from 20 weeks. Since then she has written the training manual for Pulseroll vibration training and is master trainer for them.

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