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TPP Fascia Yoga Training Day 

July 3rd, 2022



Please note you can join us live all on the days timetable of take what sessions you desire too and catch up in the Facebook group. The day has various times of mini workshops to class formats designed to take the next step in your teaching. Formats you can apply straight away in class and workshops as an insight to delve deeper into the amazing world of fascia, movement the breath and change in the body. The presenters all have diverse backgrounds yet with the same message to reach out connect and open your mind to new possibilities in teaching. All with experience in Fascia to the diverse world of Yoga.

Yoga on social media has lost its essence of what it is and what it is has evolved to become. It really is not about movement and a hard toned body. It is about connection uniting mind, body and the energy you all have. Yoga is part of the ancient religions thousands of years old, and you will find many Asian communities embrace yoga daily as part of their daily waking routine. We all know movement is vital for health yet what is displayed as Yoga is often extreme, with power moves to twisting and jamming of joints into contortions suitable for those highly flexible causing destabilisations and long-term chronic pain.

Does this mean all those unable to perform a skilful asana are not able to do Yoga, and those living with a chronic illness or those due to an injury journey who cannot sit crossed-legged or move with ease, are not able to do Yoga?

TPP Fascia & Yoga Training Day is for all and everyone to cater for the diversity in your clients. Most of our post Covid world, mature and post rehab need the fascia-yoga connection to help open up their bodies and move with ease to reduce anxiety and pain in their daily life. Please note you do not need to be a yoga/ pilates teacher to train with us and embrace TPP Fascia Yoga. At the end of the day we hope you will walk away with some inspiration and a new energy to teach these techniques into your classes.

The Presenting Training Team

For the First Fascia & Yoga Training Day

Gary and Lydia have worked together for years creating the world of fascia fitness accessible to instructors. Both are based in clincs working alongside Chiropractors to Physiotherapists. Together they have over fifty years of applied fascia knowledge.


Gary Carter

One of the longest standing Myofascia expert’s and Yoga Educators. A fascia anatomist, Director and creator of Myofascia in Yoga and Pilates educator with Natural Bodies. One of the lead dissectors and designers of the full Body Project. With his amazing work in the Bodies Exhibition.


Lydia Campbell

An Industry legend renowned for her work one of the longest standing fitness presenters and educators with FitCamps to Pilates. Creator of Trigger Point Pilates™ the restorative pilates fascia teaching system. A Myofascia clinically based expert practicing in West London and LIVEWELLKEW. Now training NHS staff to create TPP programmes for chronic pain, cancer clients to women’s health.


Sarah Deeley-Porter

 A long-time fitness professional, with a history of professional dance and nursing (OB/GYN). She is a Master Instructor and Coach of the Bar Method, a certified Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Trigger Point Pilates Master trainer.


Vanessa Robbins-Tyers

A long-term fitness professional, Trigger Point Pilates master trainer and Sports Therapist. Creator of Energyflow and Gentle Yoga.

The Timetable

Please note due to circumstance beyond our control the timetable can change. Sessions are on Zoom and streamed into a private Facebook group for recap. Catch up lasts for 6 months and ends early 2023. Book early on or Early bird £75 (until 30.06.22), full price £90.

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09:00 – 09:30

Part 1 Class: TPP Fascia Yoga Body Scan using the roller and TPP Spikey Balls with Lydia Campbell. Start the day and open the fascia restrictions in the body with compression, movement, and the breath. Equipment is used for this. You can improvise with a rolled-up bath towel and create balls out of two pairs of rolled up tights. Please do not use hard spikey balls.

09:45 – 10:45

Workshop: TPP Fascia Yoga Sense using equipment with Lydia Campbell. Connecting the mind and body is a neuro fascia response. Discover how to enhance functional movement with conscious movement awareness. Most focus is on the result, the position of the asana and what is coming next in yoga. Our mind dominates how we should move. Yet the body does not always respond as fast as the teacher says. We are so visual in our teaching we forget the feel of the connections, our energy and sense the fascia pull in the movement.

11:00 – 12:30

Workshop: Fascia and the Breathing Connections in Yoga Asana with Gary Carter. A fascia anatomist, creator of Myofascia in Yoga and Pilates Educator with Natural Bodies. One of the leading dissectors and designers of the Full Body Project. Do not miss this live introduction to Natural Bodies – how you are affecting the body in your yoga postures; the nervous system and how the fascia responds. It really is not about Instagram poses!

14:00 – 15:15

Workshop: An introduction to TPP Gut Health Yoga with Sarah Deeley-Porter (In the USA). We all hold stress in our bodies, our guts respond causing inflammation to our fascia system. Gut Health is not a trend it is vital to reduce inflammation in our body. Experience a practical workshop on how to help yourself and your clients with TPP Gut Health Yoga.

15:30 – 16:15

Workshop: Introduction TPP Fascia Flow Yoga with Vanessa Robbins-Tyers. Discover Fascia flow sequences ending with a TPP Fascia Flow Yoga class. A practical workshop with moves to apply in your yoga class. With an introduction to EnergyFlow.

16:30 – 17:30

Workshop: TPP Fascia Yoga Healing Sound with Lydia. How to take your clients into Alpha in class with your voice, words, and sound. How the brain responds to words, touch, the breath, and fascia movement. You will need to wear warm clothes for this, especially in the deep relaxation focus time, and cushions or rolled-up towel.

17:45 – 18:45

Class: Experience TPP Fascia Yoga Body Restore with Sivasana. Join Sarah Deeley-Porter in this Yin based TPP Body Restore session combining, the breath and movement to meditative relaxation ending with affirmation. A great way to end the day and restore the energy in your body.

Certificates of Attendance are issued to those who attend during the day.

Bank Transfer is possible, and now Part Payment. Call or text Lydia for details: 07956 645 741

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