Plus please do not panic about any early bird offers on this year’s
Trigger Point Pilates courses are now run on-line.

All classes and courses will be streamed privately via Facebook group and the ZOOM app
(which you will need to download).

The choices are:

Full course 2-3 days (3 hours a day)
Workshops: one day – 90 mins
Refreshers (TPP Instructors only): one day – 2-3 hours
Any instructor can attend TPP Barre n Balls Pilates instructors can attend Shhh! Women’s health.
Please see below for all the details
Stay safe and well, yours in fitness

Lydia Campbell xx


Join my online TPP Mat Work Refresher
(for TPP instructors only)

June 7th 10:30 – 13:30

£60 (early bird price £40)

For all Trigger Point Pilates instructors who want to refresh their matwork training, and add sequences to their classes. Filmed on zoom and a private face book group. Limited numbers so book early.

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Join my online TPP mat work instructor training

June 11th, 18th, 25th
(12:30 – 3:00pm)

£160 (early bird price £140)

Why Trigger Point Pilates™ Discover how to apply Myofascia and Trigger Point principals in a TPP class, learn how to teach mat work that will undo Muscular restrictions. Enhance Functional Movement. Discover exercises that help treat Myofascial pain. Learn how to balance your training to avoid injury. Discover how to teach a matwork class to PT.

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Join my online TPP Masterclass Mat Sequencing using balls and foam rollers

June 12th
(12:30 – 13:30)


Enhance your TPP matwork class with flowing mat work sequencing using balls to rollers as if you are on a reformer! This is a master class that will be filmed so have your kit and feel the fluidity of your fascia movement with the breath, compression and movement. Lots of ideas to release your hips and backs.

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Join my online TPP Barre n Balls instructor training

June 13th 13:30 -16:00
June 14th 13:30 -15:30

TPP instructors £160 (early bird price £130)

Non TPP instructors £175 (early bird price £150) includes one year teaching licence.

Become a fab online Barre instructor combining Trigger Point Pilates fascia bodywork. That will enhance the class moves as they open their hips, release their spines, shoulders and necks. Developing core strength, lengthening and aligning the body. Easing chronic fascia pain as your class members become stronger. Ideal for dance teachers as well.

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Join my online TPP Refresher – Teach a daily Shhh! moment
(for TPP Shhh! instructors only)

June 16th 12:30 -14:00


Join Lydia Campbell in a private Zoom TPP Shhh! refresher to create the daily TPP Shhh! moments help activate the pelvic floor muscles. TPP Shhh! exercises designed to help you ladies practice undo pelvic congestion muscular restrictions and chronic pain. Enhancing pelvic floor function and their lives. Practice is vital yet not always perfect.

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Join my online TPP BodyRestore instructor training

June 20th 13:30 -15:00

£75 (early bird price £50)

Online due to demand TPP short training workshops with Lydia Campbell. Enhance your TPP matwork class with TPP BodyRestore format that includes hands on techniques to mind body exercises vital for easing anxiety for your class members. Your class will be encouraged to do exercises and lifestyle habit changes, step by step.

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Join my online Barre n Balls Sequencing Refresher
(for TPP Barre n Balls instructors only)

June 21st 10:30 – 13:30

£50 (early bird price £30)

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Join my online TPP Evolve the menopause client instructor training

June 27th 12:30 – 16:00
June 28th 10:30 – 13:30

£150 (or two instalments of £85, due by June 20th and 26th)

Enhance your TPP teaching skills for the women who are going through the menopause. This is a vast market. A complimentary class your GP would love to refer clients to. Discover TPP Restorative exercises that ease chronic conditions that evolve through menopause and coping techniques. TPP Evolve, Empower, Change is a class for all women 40 plus.

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Join my online TPP Shhh! women’s health the fascia way instructor training

June 30th, July 7th/14th 12:30 -15:00


Update your Women’s health programming with Shhh! Open the door to the Pelvic floor the fascia way. A training workshop for instructors, midwives and women to discover how to improve their pelvic floor health and lifestyle.This training includes online study. After training there is access to a FB private group with the exercises.

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Join my online TPP Take a Break Desk Workout Moments workshop

July 5th

£30 (early bird price £20)

Reach the office client with TAKE A BREAK WITH PAUSE FOR TPP BODYWORK. Ten minutes backs and necks. They need your help to ease their pain, function through the day concentrate on their work and lower their cortisol. Discover TPP Desk sequences to teach your clients .Routines you can teach and programme for a week.

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Weekly Online Zoom Classes


Join my online TPP classes for fascia fitness
Thursday / Saturday 09:30
Sunday / Tuesday 18:30

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Join my online TPP Shhh! women’s health pelvic floor class every Monday at 20:00

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